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NEDLAW Living Roofs™ has a full range of products, services and resources to accommodate any roof job — from smaller, off-the-shelf installations to larger, customized projects. We have the expertise to integrate outside systems and we can work with all manners of existing roofing systems.

Our accessories and pre-grown vegetation mats, sedum or native, can be purchased direct.

Vegetation Mats Available for Direct Sale

Our sedum and native vegetation mats are available for direct sale. Contact our office to make a purchase.

Stock Vegetation Mats
Native Meadow vegetation mat - $2.50/sq.ft
15% Buffalo Grass
7% Lance Leaved Coreopsis
25% Side Oats Grama
35% Little Blue Stem
7% Black Eyed Susan
5% Sand Dropseed
1% Smooth Blue Aster
1% Hairy Beardtongue
1% Blanket Flower
1% White Heath Aster

Sedum vegetation mat - $2.75/sq.ft
14% Acre
10% Album
10% Sexangulare
14% Reflexum
14% Kamtschaticum
14% Hybirdum ‘Czar’s Gold’
14% Spurium ‘Coccineum’
5% Ellacombianum (Yellow Stars)
5% Selskianum ‘Goldilocks’ (true)

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