University of Waterloo - Quantum Nano Center

Project Completion Date:  August 2012
Project Location:  University of Waterloo - Quantum-Nano Center, Waterloo Ontario
Project Area: 2,100 sq. ft of a grass based system, and 12,000 sq. ft of a sedum based system.
Roof Structure Layers:  Vegetation, two layers of moisture retention fleece, drainage and filter, root barrier, and roof assembly.
Soil Information:  For the native grasses the soil is 12”, 30.5 cm depth, and for the sedum the soil is 6”, 15.2 cm depth.
Plant Material:  Maiden and Blue Oats Native Grass and Sedum mix
Irrigation:  The roof is watered by an external sprinkling system as needed in the summer.
Maintenance:  Provided by NLR and included as part of a 3 year warranty.
Project Highlights: There is a deck overlooking the native green roof, which offers a beautiful view

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