The roof that really grows on you

NEDLAW Consultation
At NEDLAW Living Roofs™, we’re experts at determining how a living roof will best fit your specifications. We offer full project consultation — from design and customization to scheduling and project management. As well, we can conduct a feasibility study and impact assessment for LEED building projects.

NEDLAW Maintenance
We provide a two-year maintenance program for all new installations as part of our warranty. Our trained staff will complete this work and deliver a report to you. For the first two months, we’ll visit your roof weekly to irrigate and make sure the vegetation becomes established. For the remainder of the first year, we’ll visit your roof biweekly. In the second year there will be four visits: a spring cleanup, two mid-summer check-ins and a fall cleanup.

We also offer customizable maintenance services for existing living roof systems.

Cleanup Checklist:
During each cleanup:
• vegetation will be cut down
• the grow medium will be topped up
• the mats will be levelled
• fertilizer will be applied, if specified in your contract
• unwanted species will be removed

Checkup Checklist:
• photos will be taken and the general condition of the roof will be documented
• the drains will be cleared of any debris
• any garbage will be removed
• ballast will be cleaned and weeded
• water levels in the drainage board will be measured and documented
• weather conditions will be documented
• unwanted species will be removed

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